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 E.v Training Guide

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PostSubject: E.v Training Guide   E.v Training Guide EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 8:29 pm

Are you stuck on E.v training Your pokemon? are you tired of being 6-0ed by people that do? well you should read this forum because if your one of these people, thisll help yeh ALOT.

You start By Picking a pokemon to e.v train, Shuckle, Scizor, Arcanine, pokemon like that. Then check its Stats. You should see that one Stat is higher then all the others. this is its specialized stat. i highly recommend E.v trainig in this Stat, so Yor pokemon will become stronger in its specialized stat.

Note: to E.v train upe fast, i Recommend givin Pokerus or a Training band "found at Battle Frontier".

Now to get to the pokemon whooping, You may want to look at the Bottom of the Forum for Pokemon to defeat for ep. which we will get into now.

Ep, or Effort Points, are how much Points a Pokemon needs to gain one Extra Stat. you must have a total of Four Ep in one Stat To raise it by one. Alot of pokemon Give more Ep in one Battle than Others my Evolutions.(example: A Machop would ge you one Ep in attack, a Machamp wpould get you 3.) Quite the Easyist Part to Remember. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy.

Now to remember how many ep apokemon has in 1 stat, the easiest Way is to write it Down! You dont know how Easy it makes it.

A pokemon Can Gain 255 Eps in one whole Stat. and can have u to 510 Eps. so you can raise two stats of one pokemon to the max without Hacking Very Happy

Pokemon E.v Training Chart:
Beedrill, Nidoran, Nidorino, nidoking, ekans, arbok, paras, parasect, machop, machoke, machamp, mankey, primape, Growlithe,Arcanine, Bellsprout, Weepinbibell.

Defence: Squirtle, Wartortle, Kakuna, Metapod, Geodude, Gravler, Golem,SandShrew, SandSlash, poliwrath, slowbro, shellder, Cloyster.
Onix, Cubone, Marowak,Steelix.

Sp.Atk: Bulbasaur, Ivysuar, venusuar,Charmeleon, Charizard, oddish, gloom, Vileploom, abraa, Kadabra, Alakazam, Psyduck, Golduck,Venomoth, butterfree,Gastly, haunter, gengar.

Sp.Def: Blastoise, Venonat, Tentacool, Tentacruel,Drowsy, Hypno, Hitmonchan, eevee, Ladyba, Ledian, Cleffa, Tokepi, togetic, Bellossom, politoad.

Speed: Pidgy, dgyotto, Pidgiot, Rattata, Rattacate, Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Diglett, Dugtio, Meowth, Persian,Poliwag, poliwhirl,Ponyta, Rapidash, Voltorb, Electrode, Venomoth.

Hp: Nidoran,Nidorina,Nidoqueen, Happini, Chancey, Blissy, Igglypuff, jigglypuff,wigglytuff,caterpie,Grimer, Muk, Slowpoke, Kangaskan,Ditto, Vaporeon, Snorlax, Lapras.

Note: i only named the Common Pokemon.

Can one Pokemon Give two E.v Points in two Stats? Yes they can.

Can you E.v Train Withouty Specific Pokemon to beat? yes but you would E.v Train Wrongly. Sad

What pokemon Can give you ep in all Stats? I wish there was Such a Pokemon Razz

any other Questions please email me at

Thank you for reading this Forum it took me a Half an hour to make. Sad
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E.v Training Guide
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